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Hughes Rugs offer a specialist repair and cleaning service to restore your rug or carpet to its former glory.

All of our restoration is carried out by skilled craftsmen, using professional equipment and products in our workshop.

For your peace of mind, we are of course, fully insured.

Rug and carpet cleaning

Much as we love rugs and carpets, they are like magnets for dirt, dust, food particles, odours and various small beasties (such as carpet mites). Deep-cleaning your soft floor coverings can therefore:

  • restore their vibrancy
  • reduce odours
  • reduce accumulated allergens
  • freshen the whole room
  • add years to their lives.

Rugs and carpets are first inspected for colour-fastened stains and checked for odours. They are then washed with a combination of water and professional-grade cleaning solutions, rinsed and passed through rollers. A specialist spin drum then starts the drying process and removes excess liquid. The drying process is completed in a ventilated drying room.

These processes achieve a more thorough clean than could be achieved by home cleaning services.

As importers of oriental and tribal rugs, we work with specialists in cleaning these items. We offer a hand-cleaning service for Persian rugs. Get in touch for details.

Stain removal, repair, restoration of rugs and carpets

No matter how careful you are, sooner or later your rug/carpet will probably acquire some sort of damage. Whether it’s spilled drinks, a bored cat, or just routine hoovering, your floor coverings face all sorts of challenges.

Fortunately, when damage occurs, we’re usually able to restore your rug. Our restoration service includes:

  • removing stains
  • repairing damaged areas
  • adding new fringe and secure ends
  • moth damage repair and moth treatment

Every stain is inspected and gently hand-treated, using environmentally-friendly (and pet-friendly!) products. Repairs use carefully selected materials that are dyed to an exact match with the existing colours.

Customers are often amazed at what can be achieved through repair and restoration. We have restored all types of rug and carpet, including kilims, runners, vintage carpets and all sorts of oriental rug (Afghan, Persian, Chinese etc).

Get in touch today and we’ll see what we can do.